Birth: The Ultimate Sexual Experience

The feelings of pleasure during childbirth are rarely discussed among women today. Often when the topic of labour arises, mothers will mention how painful it is. Likewise women and girls who are not yet pregnant will remark how they are afraid of the pain associated with birth. Some will even say that they never want children due to this discomfort. Instead of thinking of birth as a catastrophic event, why not think of it more positively as a sexual experience? There will be some skeptics who will say that birth should not be sexualized. A baby is so innocent, it is wrong to even think of them giving the mother something as inappropriate as orgasmic pleasures. But sex and birth are two life events that most women experience. Both events ask us to become vulnerable and trust the people who we share these moments with. Thinking of birth as if it were a sexual experience will help women to not fear the pains of labour, but rather become excited for the sensations that they will feel. Continue reading