Let’s Get Personal!

I offer personalized care to every one of my soon-to-be mothers and partners. What does this mean? You may be thinking “of course you do, all professionals provide personal care to their clients. It’s their job.” Not exactly. Care providers work with their clients to accomplish some sort of goal, whether it is to heal, educate, or “birth their baby.” It is too easy to fall into the trap of looking only towards the end goal and forgetting that the client is indeed a person: not just a client. My goal is to have every mother and – if they have one – partner to leave my support after the birth of their child feeling personal with me and fully supported with their choices. Continue reading

An Introduction to Circumcision

When it comes down to circumcision there are mixed opinions. Normally if a person has an opinion on the subject, then they feel very strongly about it. Natural birthing professionals are often very against circumcision on baby boys, while some parents-to-be or medical doctors are very pro-circumcision. I am not an exception from other natural professionals. I do believe in keeping the foreskin intact on a male until he is old enough to consent. Continue reading